One-stop solution for light duty conveyor belt industry.

One-stop solution for conveyor belt industry

Shanghai Yoube Automation Technology Co., Ltd offers a wide range of products related to light duty conveyor belt industry, from conveyor belt cleats and sidewalls, high frequency welding machines, splicing machinesfinger punching machines to related moulds and electrodes, which cover almost the whole production chain of conveyor belt industry. All the products are manufactured in our own factory, by our experienced and creative engineers, designers and our hard-working workers.

Our target is to produce the most user-friendly, reliable, durable and higher performance products for conveyor belts industry.

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“The quality of our products is the thing we care about the most, we focus on details of the production, no matter it is a mature production or a newly developed production. Such as raw material we use, size tolerances, physical property and surface of our plastic extruding products; rationality of our design, component choosing, even the packing of our products, we care about all the details. 

-Mr. Song (Director)



R & D department is one of the most valuable departments in our corporation, our R & D team members are experienced experts of mechanical engineering and light duty conveyor belt work with CAD, UG, PLC and related software, we spend lots of time on details to make sure our products are safe, user-friendly, durable and there are always some improvement of our products.

We work closely with our end users and get valuable feedbacks from them which allow us to improve our products accordingly. Except developing new products, our R & D team can also provide professional conveyor belt solutions for our clients.

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We have very strict production flow in our factory, and each step is optimized to comply with international standard. The components and material of our products are supplied only by world-class companies and certificated vendors, thus we can offer our clients customized machineries comply with international standards and norms, but also apply to their specific products.

Our QC team tests every product before shipment, from material quality, tolerance range, electrical components, radiation levels, every function and parameters of machines, to make sure our clients can get the perfect products from us.

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Except supplying the most reliable conveyor belt equipment, we also offer our clients the most comprehensive services and technical support before and after sales.

We provide advices and suggestions of which product would be the best choice for the specific products, and we can adjust or re-design our products according to customers’ special requests. Our R & D team also offers molds and electrodes designing service according to the products or drawings, free samples can be sent for clients’ confirmation. We provide telephone, video conference service and even on-site service to support our customers.

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  • tracking guide notcher
    tracking guide notcher
  • european style conveyor belt ply separator
    European style conveyor belt ply separator
  • conveyor-belt-cleats-cutter
  • conveyor belt tracking guide welding electrodes
  • stopper-blocker welding tool for timing belt
    stopper-blocker welding tool for timing belt
  • HF welding mold for conveyor belt sidewall
    HF welding mold for conveyor belt sidewall
  • mold for goalkeeper gloves
  • european style conveyor belt ply separator
    European style conveyor belt ply separator
  • brass high frequency welding mould

Key points of Shanghai YOUBE automation technology Co., Ltd.

Something you may want to know about our company and products

We are not a trading company, we have our own factory located in WuXi (One hour away from Shanghai), our equipment includes lathes, milling machines, CNC machining centers, plastic extruders, wire cutting machine, machinery assembling lines and so on.

All of our products are specially designed and made for light duty conveyor belt industry. Our main products are PVC/TPU conveyor belt cleats, tracking guides and round belt; High frequency welding machine for light duty conveyor belt welding.

We also supply other light duty conveyor belt equipment such as finger punching machine, ply separator, splicing (joint) Machine and all kinds of HF electrodes and molds.

 We are very strict with the quality of raw material and electrical components, including metal and plastic raw material, pneumatic system, electron tubes and so forth. The electrical components of our machines must be high-performance and reliable, we only use first-class brands in the world.

Contact us for almost everything you need in light duty conveyor belt industry: cleats, sidewalls, tracking guides, welding electrodes, molds, high frequency welding machines, ply separators, finger punchers, joint machines, cutting and slitting machines and so forth.

HOT products

  • Conveyor belt tracking guide
    We supply all sort of PVC and PU tracking guides (ropes) for conveyor belt industry, K6 (6×4), K8 (8×5), K10 (10×6), K13 (13×8),...
  • Other equipment
    Conveyor belt V-guide strip notch cutting machine. This machine is invented to reduce workload and increase precision during making notched traching guides. All...
  • Molds & Electrodes
    Molds, electrodes and fixtures play very important roles in high frequency welding, die cutting or thermoforming process. Well designed high quality molds, electrodes...
  • Cutting & Slitting Machines
    Conveyor belt cutting and slitting machines–coming soon...
  • Convery Belt Ply Separator
    Portable conveyor belt ply separator is also called ply splitting machine, it is used to split PVC/PU or rubber conveyor belt into multiple...

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