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Conveyor belt cleats

The CLEATS are very important in a conveyor belt system, they are installed on light duty conveyor belts by high frequency welding machine. It is an economical way of increasing carrying capacity for a wide variety of material conveying. Well-designed cleats can increase belt capacity, reduce spillage, prevent material from rolling back on incline conveyors and help to control the discharge on a declined plane. Shanghai Yoube Automation Technology Co., Ltd offers a variety of conveyor belt cleats styles, each style is intended to serve a specific purpose. Our standard cleats include T-cleats, C-cleats and footless cleats, height from 10mm, 20mm, 30mm to 120mm, made of high-quality PVC or PU material. EU and FDA approved food grade material is available on request.

Please check the list below for our PVC and TPU conveyor belt cleats:

  • Standard T-Cleats:
    PVC: T-10mm to T-120mm
    TPU: T-10mm to T-70mm
  • Standard C-Cleats (L-cleats):
    PVC: C-30mm to C-120mm
    TPU: C-30mm to C-70mm
  • Standard I-Cleats (Footless cleats):
    PVC: I-20mm to I-100mm
    TPU: I-20mm to I-60mm

Standard color: white, green, blue and transparent.

* Custom sizes, material and colors are available on request.

Or you can download our PDF catalog for more details.

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