Shanghai YOUBE is a specialized manufacturer of conveyor belt related equipment and machinery, combines design and development, manufacture, sales and technical support. Our factory is over 2000 square meters, located in the suburb of Shanghai, 20 minutes away from Shanghai HongQiao airport. At the moment, we have 3 production lines for high frequency welding machines, 2 production lines for PVC and PU conveyor belt cleats, tracking guides and sidewalls, and a number of production lines for molds & electrodes and other conveyor belt equipment.

We have very strict production flow in our factory, and each step is optimized to comply with international standard. The components and material of our products are supplied only by world-class companies and certificated vendors, thus we can offer our clients customized machineries comply with international standards and norms, but also apply to their specific products. For clients from different countries, we can make the voltage and other parameters according to different requirements, such as 220V 3 phase for the US. 220V, 380V, 400V, 440V, 480V, 3 phase, 50Hz or 60Hz are also available, we can adjust our machines for different requirement.

To make sure our clients can get flawless products from us, our QC team tests every product before shipment, from material quality, tolerance range, electrical components, radiation levels, every function and parameters of machines, to make sure that the products we deliver will work perfectly for our clients.

As a professional manufacturer of conveyor belt equipment, we can offer from cleats, sidewalls, high frequency welding machines, belt splicing machines to related molds and electrodes from a single source, so all the products can work together perfectly, that’s why we call ourselves a one-stop solution for conveyor belt industry.

New products

After design and development work of our experienced engineers, numbers of prototypes will be made before mass production, we can do all the test and adjustment to the prototypes to make sure the new products are safe, reliable, with high performance and exactly the end users want them to be.